BHIM UPI Loot Offers

Exploring BHIM UPI Loot Offers: Earn up to ₹750 Cashback Instantly


bhim Upi

The Government of India introduced the BHIM app, a revolutionary step towards enabling seamless digital transactions without the need for traditional banking channels. BHIM UPI has become a popular choice for users, offering various cashback incentives. In this article, we will delve into the latest BHIM UPI Loot Offers, allowing users to earn a total of ₹750 in cashback instantly.

BHIM App Cashback Offers:

The BHIM app has recently announced three exciting offers for both new and existing users. Below, we have outlined these offers to help you make the most of this opportunity.

1st Offer: Earn ₹150 Cashback

  • Open the BHIM app and link your bank account.
  • Visit Food & Restaurant category merchants and make 5 payments of a minimum of ₹100 each.
  • Receive ₹30 cashback for each transaction, accumulating a total of ₹150 cashback.

2nd Offer: Earn ₹450 Cashback (Rupay Credit Card Required)

Bhim Upi
  • Scan any merchant QR code and pay via BHIM UPI App, linking your Rupay Credit Card.
  • Make three transactions of at least ₹100, receiving ₹100 cashback each time (Total ₹300).
  • After receiving ₹300 cashback, send ₹200 five times to get ₹30 cashback each time (Total ₹150).

3rd Offer: Earn up to ₹150 Cashback (Rupay Credit Card Required)

  • Conduct transactions of ₹15,000 via scan & pay in the Fuel category merchant.
  • Receive 1% cashback, up to ₹150.

BHIM Cashback Offers for New Users:

The BHIM app also extends exclusive offers for new users, providing an opportunity to earn cashback on their initial transactions.

Offer 1 – Rs.150 Cashback

  • Download the BHIM app from the Play Store.

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  • Enter your bank-registered mobile number and verify it.
  • Link your account, set a four-digit passcode, and go to the home page.
  • Click on the send button and send ₹50 to any BHIM app user ten times.
  • Receive ₹150 in cashback directly into your bank account.

Offer 2 – Rs.51 Cashback on Rs.1 Transaction (1st Ever BHIM Transaction)

  • Download the BHIM app and complete the registration process.
  • Go to the home page, click on the send button, and send ₹1 to any BHIM app user.
  • Receive ₹51 in cashback for the first-ever BHIM app transaction.

Offer 3 – Rs.25 Cashback Upto Rs.500 Every Month (All Users)

  • Follow steps 1-4 as mentioned above.
  • Send money to any VPA/UPI ID, account number, or mobile number (minimum ₹100).
  • Receive ₹25 cashback on every ₹100+ transaction, with the opportunity to earn up to ₹500 every month.


BHIM UPI Loot Offers present an excellent opportunity for users to earn substantial cashback while embracing digital transactions. Whether you are a new or existing user, these offers provide a chance to contribute to the goal of Digital India and enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions. Keep in mind the terms and conditions, and make the most of these lucrative BHIM UPI cashback offers.